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Full-immersion course. Experience London like a local. The modern way to learn.

Stage Anglais

Stage Anglais

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(sur 4 jours)
Horaires : 8 heures / jour

Lieu : 1190

3 places libres sur 4


390 €

Basic info:

A course runs Monday to Friday and is full immersion. There are a total of 4 students with the language objective of increasing fluency, self-expression and confidence. We'll do this through fun and unique lesson plans in the classroom and in various dynamic spots in the city of London. There are three levels, A2, B1 and B2 groups. Lessons and activities are throughout the day and will be 6 - 8 hours. Classroom time will be 2 - 3 hrs a day and you will be part of a small supportive group. The price per participant for 5 days (30 - 40 hours) is 350 euros.


The accommodations are an important part of the full immersion experience. Participants will stay in a four bedroom apartment directly in central London. Lessons are given each morning in the common areas of the large apartment. Activities and real practice take place outdoors and throughout establishments in London. Some early evenings there will be guest speakers at the apartment. The prices for the accommodations range from a total of 250 - 500 euros for the four night stay.

Accommodation possibilities:

1. A 4 bedroom mews house in a very quiet street in conservation area, yet in the heart of Camden. The price
per participant for four nights is 290 euros.

2. A luxury 4 bedroom designer house in the exclusive Camden area. The price per participant for four nights is 490 euros.

How is the London Immersion course better than the usual intensive?

* Class size is only 4 students and it's still cheaper than intensives with larger groups
* Experience a fun way to reach your language objectives
* The accommodations provide a more authentic learning experience and are non-profit
* Experience London as a local
* The focal point is enjoying the English language which improves confidence and grammar & vocab retention
* Be taught by a teacher who cares
* All students are vouched for

Available dates:

June to August of every year


Option 1: basic and comfortable room in nice 4 bedroom flat in central London + course fees = 640 euros
Option 2: luxury room in beautiful 4 bedroom flat in central London + course fees = 840

(There will be a kitchen with all necessary things, living room, etc...)

After the course, there are optional activities planned every evening. I or a colleague of mine will take the group of 4 students to social events throughout the city. Students will have a chance to practice what they learned in an authentic London atmosphere.

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